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Collection bags

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✔️Biodegradable and compostable eco-friendly bags

✔️Paw patterns

✔️Random color: red, green, blue, gray or purple


These colorful paw-patterned pickup bags add a touch of joy to your walks while respecting the environment, offering a practical and eco-friendly solution for picking up the needs of your faithful four-legged companion.

  • Paw Patterns
  • Random colors: red, green, blue, gray, purple

Biodegradable and compostable plastic

Essentials carefully designed for pets and their parents.

Driven by the joy and bubbly side of our faithful companions, we obsessed over what worked and what didn't to create practical walking accessories that left no choice between essential, practicality and style!

Beautify your furry friend's life with every walk.

Animals deserve the best and we are here to help their parents provide them.