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Our company, our history

Pattes Câlins is a company passionate about animals and their well-being. We understand that our furry friends need attention and cuddles, but that's not all. They need accessories as colorful as they are and games to stimulate them!

Discover Cuddly Paws

We found that the models of walking accessories available on the market lacked vitality and joy. We were looking for models with playful and lively designs, like our animals.

Failing to find anything, developing our own line of accessories was the logical continuation of our walking, home visiting and animal transport services. So we created our own designs with vibrant, happy and colorful patterns!

Inspired by our own pets and their personalities, we introduce original and vibrant accessories to the pet products market to encourage parents to get their furry friend products that reflect them.

Our mission

Through our Paws Boutique, our mission is to beautify the lives of pets by creating fun and colorful accessories that reflect their unique personality!

Our goal: to make life easier for animals and their humans by offering practical, quality products.

As you scroll through our Paws Boutique, you will discover several collections with designs that will brighten up the daily life of your furry ones. Our animals bring us joy and happiness, and it was time to return the favor with accessories in their image!

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