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Harness - Rays of sunshine

$20.00 CAD Regular price $45.00

✔️ For dogs, cats and rabbits

✔️ Dual fixation (torso and back)

✔️ Neoprene

✔️ D-rings

✔️ Adjustable to 2 levels (shoulders and torso)

✔️ Handle



This harness for dogs, cats and rabbits is versatile. Available for sizes from your furry. Give your faithful companion the perfect blend of style, comfort and safety with the Pattes Câlins harness.

This pattern was created for cheerful and energetic animals, who like to spread good humor around them. With its bright yellow background decorated with white and orange suns, it radiates joy just like your furry one.

The colors used evoke warmth and fun, just like a sunny day. They are the symbol of the happiness that your faithful companion brings into your life.

Rays of sunshine is an invitation to experience sunny moments alongside your four-legged companion. So, ready to share moments of happiness with your pet under a radiant sky?

  • Suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • 2 attachment points (with D-rings): one at torso level (frontal) and one on top (dorsal)
  • Adjustable harness at the shoulders (neck) and torso (waist)
  • Cushioned neoprene breathes and is gentle on the coat
  • Comfortable, sturdy fit
  • With an integrated rear handle for added control
  • Rubber Logo Paws Cuddles
  • Design created by our team!

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Cushioned neoprene


Hand wash with mild soap

Essentials carefully designed for pets and their parents.

Driven by the joy and bubbly side of our faithful companions, we obsessed over what worked and what didn't to create a harness that left no choice between design, convenience and style!

Beautify your furry friend's life with every walk.

Animals deserve the best and we are here to help their parents provide them.