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Découvre Pattes Boutique !

Discover Pattes Boutique!

Discover Pattes Boutique!

After many hours of work, creativity and love for our furry animals, today we present to you our latest creation: our own collection of walking sets offered in our new online store of accessories for pets, the Paws Boutique!

Paws Shop

Pattes Boutique is a pet accessories store that creates products adapted for them, for their lifestyle, based on our experience in the field thanks to our services at Pattes Câlins, with playful colors and vibrant patterns to make their daily lives happier and more joyful!

It's your favorite online destination for trendy and colorful accessories, suitable for your faithful companions.

At Pattes Câlins, we know how much our furry animals matter in our lives. That's why we broadened our horizons and created the Paws Boutique, a place where you can find a complete range of accessories that are elegant, cheerful and practical to make the lives of your companions even more beautiful and comfortable.

A store accessible ANYWHERE in Canada

The big news is that our online store is open to all animal lovers across Canada!

Yes, you read that right. Everyone can enjoy the quality and style of Pattes Câlins, wherever you are! We are committed to offering the best for our four-legged friends well beyond the limits of our beautiful province of Quebec.

A unique line of accessories

We are particularly proud to have developed our own line of accessories: a complete walking set collection that contains a leash, harness, collar and poop bag dispenser!

We noticed that the models available on the market often lacked vitality. That's why we've created vibrant, happy and colorful designs that reflect each pet's unique personality. By visiting our Paws Boutique, you will discover several collections and patterns that will brighten up the daily routine of your furry ones.

An exceptional selection of accessories

Our store is full of carefully selected items to meet the needs of your pets. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit or something else, we have what you need.

To give you an overview of our range of accessories, here are some of the products you will find on our Pattes Boutique:

  • Slower bowls;
  • Raised bowls;
  • Collapsible silicone bowls (perfect for outings, walks, travel);
  • Harnesses for dogs, for cats, for rabbits;
  • Necklaces;
  • Leashes;
  • Poop bag dispensers;
  • Toys ;
  • Puzzles and interactive toys;
  • Lockable box to secure your house keys (ideal when you need the services of Pattes Câlins!);
  • Emergency key ring so that your animals can be taken care of if anything happens to you (unfortunately, accidents happen so quickly...)

Quality and style at the rendezvous

Through our line of Paws Câlins accessories, quality and style go hand in hand. We understand that you want the best for your pets, which is why our products are both reliable and attractive.

We think that your furry ones' lives deserve a little joy and color, and our accessories go a long way in making that happen.

What we particularly like: our harness that is adjustable at the neck and stomach, and which has two attachments available depending on your pet's preference (on the front or on the back). As for our leashes, the grip is padded to ensure greater comfort for parents during walks!

Moreover, we are the first Quebec company to offer a complete walking set composed of the following 4 items: leash, harness, collar and poop bag dispenser!

Please note: no food products

In our Paws Boutique, our mission is to beautify the lives of pets by creating fun and colorful accessories that reflect their unique personalities.

Therefore, we would like to point out that we do not offer food products for animals!

Stay tuned for our special offers

That's not all ! We have special surprises in store for our loyal subscribers. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be among the first to know about our exclusive offers and promotions.

We believe in the value of loyalty, which is why we pamper our subscribers with unique benefits.

You can visit our Products page to explore all the products available and subscribe to our newsletter to not miss any of our upcoming special offers.

At Pattes Câlins and via our Pattes Boutique we are here for you and your furry ones.

Because Happiness is within reach!

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