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Puzzle Around the bone

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This expert-level puzzle features an intricate design, with four removable dots in each corner, plus eleven other small compartments arranged around the central bone for a stimulating mental challenge.

✔️ Difficulty level: expert


This interactive puzzle is a fun toy for your four-legged friend. It's a fun way to train your furry friend to think and exercise intellectually, while having fun.

By using his nose or paws to move the cursors, he can enjoy an interactive experience while feeding. In addition to being an entertaining game, this puzzle is perfect for slowing down food intake, making your pet's digestion easier.

The puzzle is made of non-toxic PVC, ensuring its durability even for playful pets. Cleaning with water is ideal for simple and effective maintenance.

  • For cats and dogs
  • Educational interactive toy (puzzle type)
  • Ideal for regular kibble or treats



Plastic (non-toxic PVC)


Clean with water and mild soap

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